About Jeremy

Website design & development, online marketing, training

My name is Jeremy and I am a freelance website designer, landscape photographer and educator. I'm the face, brain and hands behind Jeremy Creative.

Working freelance means my skills branch deeply into multiple professions. These include photography, information technology, user design, website development, digital marketing, public relations, and education.

Jeremy Creative web design

My style of work offers a lot of flexibility, so I choose to have fewer clients. I want to perfect the projects I work on, to deliver incredible work, and I need time to do that.

I have a creative and visual eye for detail, and I am highly technically minded. This allows me to easily cope with the the requirements of designing, developing and managing engaging websites and projects.

Too often I see the potential of small business suffering from quick fixes and a lack of understanding. I want to change that, and to help small business in the Clarence Valley succeed with the web, and with technology.

Kermit the Kombi

I'm not afraid of hard work or innovation; as a young father and avid learner I am patient and understanding, but I know how to get the results I want. One of my personal projects and passions is restoring my vintage 1979 Volkswagen Kombi, which I've worked hard for a long time to achieve.

Let me help your small business succeed online, in your own special way, and make it accessible to a whole new world of people and possibilities.